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Are you looking to reboot your diet with a goal of a healthier lifestyle but are not sure where to start? Are you struggling with hypertension, high cholesterol, nutrient deficiencies or have you been directed by your doctor to change your eating habits? If this sounds familiar the Lifestyle Reboot package is right for you! We will work together to create a successful and sustainable strategy  healthy for meeting your personal nutrition and wellness goals.  Sessions can be in person at my Greensboro, NC office, online or by telephone.

This package includes:

  • Initial 60-90 minute assessment customized to your needs. We will review your:

    • medical history

    • abnormal lab-work

    • current eating and exercise habits

    • current nutrition obstacles

    • health,wellness and nutrition goals

    • We will identify and review any food / medication interactions

  • 3 30-45 minute follow up sessions that will provide motivation, accountability and address:

    • progress toward your goals

    • obstacles faced

    • strategies for success

    • meal planning support and ideas

    • healthy choices while dining out

  • Email Support

  • This package expires 3 months from initial session

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