Guided Support



If weight loss is your goal but you are just beginning your lifestyle change or feel that you would like  guidance and support during the process the Guided Support package is right for you. During this program you will learn how to nourish your body without using fad or restrictive diets. You will learn how to eat better, feel better and attain your personal goal of weight loss. 

The Guided Support Program includes:

  • 1 – Initial 90 minute assessment customized to your needs.  We will review your:

    • medical history

    • any abnormal lab values

    • current eating and exercise habits

    • current nutrition obstacles

    • health,wellness and nutrition goals

  • 6 – 45 minute follow up sessions which will provide motivation, accountability and address:

    • progress toward your goals

    • obstacles faced and strategies for success

    • meal planning support and ideas

    • eating healthy while dining out

  • Email support

  • Expires 6 months from initial session

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