MS Nutrition 101


Eat better to feel better with face to face, telephone or Online MS Nutrition Coaching.


Eat better to feel better with in person or Online MS Nutrition Coaching

Are you living with MS? Do MS symptoms dominate your life? Have you wondered if your diet could be contributing to your symptoms? Do you have questions about food and supplements promoted to help you improve MS? Many people with MS are at risk for or are living with heart disease, weight issues, sleep apnea, and other conditions that can be improved with good nutrition. If you are interested in eating better so that you can feel better and live better with MS than this program is for you. Face to face,telephone or online MS Nutrition Coaching are all possible, whichever best suits your needs.

The MS | Nutrition Connection Program includes:

  • 4 individual counseling sessions, either face to face or by telephone

    1 – 90 minute initial assessment

    3 – 45 minute follow ups

  • A Review of your medical history

  • Interpretation of any pertinent lab results

  • A review of your current eating and exercise habits

  • Meal Planning Support and Ideas

  • Easy prep healthy breakfast, lunch and snack ideas

  • Tips to make eating healthy easier

  • Supplement and / or Medication Review to identify any potential nutrition interactions (if desired)

  • Email Support

  • Expires 90 days from initial session

Online MS Nutrition Coaching

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