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What is the MSBites Healthy Habits Challenge?

For people living with MS, wellness takes on an important role. Wellness starts with changing daily habits. Eating habits, exercise habits, stress management and sleep and relaxation habits all contribute to overall wellness and decrease risk factors for co-morbid health conditions. The MSBites Healthy Habit Challenge is a 12-week challenge designed to encourage you to adopt sustainable healthy habits and LIVE WELL WITH MS!

Each week for 12 weeks you will receive a new challenge to include healthy foods in your day, be more active, and practice the important art of relaxation. The challenges are flexible, so you can fit them into your life at your own pace. Everyone’s path to wellness is unique but wellness is attainable for everyone within the context of his or her own priorities and abilities.

Changing habits takes time and dedication. Wellness does not occur overnight or by changing any single habit. In reality, it is the slow and steady process of taking action and making choices every day with the goal of attaining optimal well-being over one’s lifetime. The MSBites Healthy Habits Challenge will offer strategies, tips and support to help you successfully turn weekly challenges in to lifelong Healthy Habits!

How It Works…

  1. Sign up for the Healthy Habits Challenge.

  2. Download and print your Healthy Habits Tracker to help you keep track of your progress.

  3. Each week, on Monday, you will get an email with your weekly challenge. It will include strategies and tips to help you meet the challenge along with menu suggestions, recipes or other helpful resources. 12 Weeks of Healthy Habits…You can do this!!

So, what do you say? Are you in?

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